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With a Survival Cuff you're Never Naked. The ultimate survival tool for any adventure. From bushcrafters to road warrior, the Apex Series, like its namesake, has been designed not only for survival but to be top of the food chain. The larger style cuff provides plenty of coverage and protection, while the surival tool makes short work of even the toughest situations.   The hidden wallet inside the cuff ensures your cash and cards stay safe and secure on your journeys, and the stainless steel surival tool means you can go with confidence in any weather.

Apex Grizzly

$400.00 Regular Price
$340.00Sale Price
  • Steel type: AEB-H Stainless Steel
    Leather: Brown Chrome-Tan
    Paracord: #95
    Lanyard Bead: Skull
    Size LxWxH: 7"x3.5"x3"
    Survival Tool Edge: 2.25"
    Wallet depth: Fits standard Credit Card


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